1. Saturday night meal at a mates house ….some evening sun, three amazing home cooked curries and then a few tunes being spun on the decks (if you’re interested Ally’s cooking skills are better than his mixing). All taken with and iPhone and VSCOcam.

  2. Taken on the Northumberland coast … a beautiful and at times deserted stretch of coastline. These were taken just before Christmas when I went up to spend a weekend with a couple of my mates.

  3. I was lucky enough to go to the wedding of two of my closest friends a couple of weeks ago. It was an awesome day, the sun shone we got very merry and danced the night away … luckily I was able to get a few shots too (all taken with my x100 and processed with VSCO 03)

  4. Southbank Seagulls … I’m getting a backlog of images again which I’ve taken half edited and then left, I shot these a couple of weeks ago walking to meet a friend for some drinks on the Southbank in London. The seagulls were on the hunt for something. #x100 #VSCO #London #southbank

  5. Shepherding: Land rovers, opening gates, checking the sheep are OK and on this occasion taking some pictures. Back home on the farm.

  6. Another set of Olympic images. These ones are from the cycling road race, it was an incredible atmosphere on Box Hill and we were so close to the riders. I love cycling and the images that you can capture during a road race, I think, can really capture the sport and the atmosphere … this was my first crack at it, but I’m heading off to the Tour de France in the summer for a week so hope to get some decent shots there. Just a shame Cav didn’t win!

  7. A few more pictures taken from inside the Olympic park during the summer. Taken with the #x100 and my #iphone

  8. Just before Christmas we went for a visit to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park our friend Tash brought along her little sisters. They went on the rides and played the games, I ate sausages and shot some pictures.

  9. So I know I totally missed the boat on these because the Olympics was very last year. But I’ve eventually sorted myself out and processed these shots. They were taken in Hyde Park can’t remember the exact day but Victoria Pendleton won gold, i think?

    Memories are slightly hampered because the organisers had the excellent idea of serving “Mega Pints” one and a half pints in a glass. Several mega pints (and British golds) later meant I was feeling quite merry and very patriotic. This in turn meant that I wandered into the adidas store in Oxford Street and spent far too much money on Team GB related paraphernalia. A good day all round. 

  10. All of these photos were taken on my Iphone at a Prodigy gig I went to just before Christmas, they absolutely killed it! The huge sound in such a (relatively) small venue was immense. I came back from the gig at 2am totally drenched in sweat, not nice I know. But what I wanted to try and get across in the photo’s is the feel of the gig. A hectic, loud and euphoric atmosphere. 

  12. Daisy Days

  13. London Symphony Orchestra at St Pauls

  14. London Symphony Orchestra at St Pauls

  15. London Symphony Orchestra at St Pauls